Nearby Atractions

Ideally located in the heart of San Antonio

Hostal Baleàric is close to some of the island’s most popular attractions. Below are just a few examples of the things you can expect to find within minutes from the hotel.

World Class Beaches

Cala Salada, Cala Gracio, and Cala des Moro are beautiful sandy beaches located just a short distance from the hotel. Cala des Moro is 300 meters away with beautiful Cala Gracio and Cala Gracionetta just a few minutes walking.
Rent a bicycle, a scooter, a kayak and explore the area or walk to the harbor and catch one of the many taxi boats that provide regular service to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches like Cala Conta, Cala Bassa, or Cala Tarida. 
White sandy beaches, warm crystal clear waters, and more sun than a person can handle are typical of the more than 80 beaches found on the island.

The Famous Sunset Strip

The original chill-out experience, San Antonio’s sunset strip has some of the most unique and spectacular sunsets anywhere.
Hundreds of people gather every evening in front of Café del Mar, Café Mambo, and Café Savannah to watch the sunset and cheer as the sun disappears on the horizon to a backdrop of music by star DJs and local residents such as David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Roger Sanchez, and many more.
A good place to end the day or start the night, the sunset strip bars are usually open until midnight.

San Antonio’s West End

The West End is one of San Antonio’s main hang outs after the sun goes down. Lined with bars open all night, the streets around the harbor are alive unil the early hours of the morning.

A hotspot for nightlife in Ibiza with no shortage of bars, lounges, pubs, and hectic clubs, the West End and Paseo Maritimo are also home to many great restaurants for people-watching and soaking-up the atmosphere while enjoying breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

During the day, many shops sell souvenirs, clothes, and local Ibiza art. At night the place takes on a new, lively personality popular with party-seekers.

Ibiza’s Stunning Back Country

While much of Ibiza’s coast and cities are well-known and popular with visitors, the inland countryside is Ibiza’s true hidden paradise. 
Thoudsands of wildflowers cover the fields in the Winter and Spring with beautiful olive, fig, and carob trees spotting the landscape. In January and February, for example, almond trees steal the show and put on an incredible display of white flowers when they bloom.
Whether you decide to explore Ibiza’s back country on foot, with a bicycle, a scooter, or by car, you will discover a different side of the island and understand why Ibiza is not just about clubs, beaches and hippies.

Cap Blanc Aquarium

The Cap Blanc aquarium, also sometimes referred to as the lobster cave, started out as a vivarium and was used for hundreds of years by local fishermen to keep an easily accessible stock of live lobster for sale on the local markets.

The cave was converted into the aquarium it is today and opened to the public in 1989. It contains a wide selection of the species of Mediterranean fish found in the waters around Ibiza.The aquarium is also used by the Marine Recuperation Centre for recovering turtles.
A small but stunning natural setting, the aquarium is a natural cave and a wonderful place to discover a large variety of local species.

UNESCO World Heritage

Ibiza was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site based on natural and cultural criteria in 1999. It is one of only 25 sites in the world that are protected both above ground and under water.

Under water, the oceanic Posidonia beds (seagrass) at the Marine Reserve are the best preserved beds in the Mediterranean basin. The seabeds contain the most diverse community of genus of corals, supporting 220 species, the highest record for a marine community in the Mediterranean.

Above ground, the Upper Town of Ibiza Dalt Vila is an excellent example of a fortified acropolis which preserves in an exceptional way in its walls and in its urban fabric successive imprints of the earliest Phoenician settlements and the Arab and Catalan periods through to the Renaissance bastions.

Day Trips to Formentera

Technically, Formentera is under four kilometers south of Ibiza but it feels like a world away. Natural beauty, breathtaking nature, and picture perfect shores make it a great destination.
Frequent ferry departures from both the San Antonio harbor and Ibiza town make it an ideal getaway for a day trip. Recharge your batteries, discover the island’s peaceful way of life, its unspoiled nature, and beautiful beaches, and enjoy a day of total relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Why don’t you try one of the excellent local restaurants on the water before heading back? And who knows, there is even a chance you may run into an A-list celebrity or royalty…
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